Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Sky Scarf

I have decided to embark on a little shop project, The Sky Scarf. The basic idea is that every day you knit 2 rows in the colour of the sky, it creates a neat recorded and calendar of the year. At the end of it all I want to to cut the scarf in four and frame the seasons. I have seen this idea done several times but finally spent some time today and found the original one on Leaf Cutter Designs. Lea Redmond, the designer, has posted a video that explains more of the concept behind the scarf and the other knitting work that she does. You can also link up to other people that are creating a Sky Scarf and see what the sky is like all over the world.

For my Sky I am using Debbie Bliss Angel in Charcoal and white, Holiday Yarn FlockSock Yarn in light grey, Poems Sock in bright blue and Malabrigio Baby Silkpaca Lace in blue. All are bring knitted on the same 4mm, bamboo needles, as I thought that this would be the easiest size to accommodate the various sized yarns. Feel free to stop in the shop and knit the days row (If someone else hasn't already!).
Happy Knitting. 

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